Clans and Scottish heritage

The College crest is made up of the cross of St Andrew, the thistle and the words "Crescam Ministrando" (the College motto). Since 1927 the Black Watch tartan has been used in the College following permission being granted by the Commander in Chief of the Black Watch Scottish Regiment.

From their establishment in 1927, the Clans have been an important part of the College and its Scottish tradition.

The four Clans are Bruce, Douglas Stewart and Cameron (Wallace, 1927-29). Each year, the Principal appoints a Chief and two Chieftains to lead the Clan, following elections by members of the Clan.

Clan Bruce was named after Robert Bruce and the Clan Birthday is celebrated on the anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

Clan Cameron was, until 1929 called Clan Wallace. The Clan Birthday is celebrated on the anniversary of the Battle of Preston which was fought between the followers of Donald Campbell and the forces of King George II in 1745.

Clan Douglas was named after Sir James Douglas. The clan birthday is celebrated on the anniversary of when the Castle Dangerous was surrendered to Sir James Douglas in 1306.

Clan Stewart celebrates its birthday on the anniversary of the day in 1745, when Prince Charles Edward raised the standard for the Stewarts of Glenfinnan in an attempt to regain the crown for the family.

In 1945 the traditional banners were first presented to the senior Clans on their birthdays. They are still carried at the front of the Clans on ceremonial occasions and on Sports Day.