Founded in 1922, Seymour College is one of Australia’s leading day and boarding schools.

Our spacious campus, conveniently located in Glen Osmond, provides a unique environment where girls can thrive in their learning and find their own worth, beliefs and values.

Our vision is to develop ‘women of strength, optimism and justice, contributing to an equitable world for all’.

There is no doubt that girls benefit from the culture and environment here at Seymour. The College is based on meeting the needs of girls; our focus is girls, their learning, their wellbeing, their needs and activities.

Seymour strives to give girls the best education to allow their leadership and other strengths to flourish. It is always GIRLS FIRST at Seymour College.

Seymour College is affiliated with the Uniting Church in Australia and the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

Our Message

Seymour College is organised and run on the needs of girls; our focus is girls, their learning, their wellbeing, their needs and activities.

Our core curriculum is a unique combination of traditional values and progressive thinking delivered through effective academic, service, sporting, performing arts, music and outdoor education programs.

We understand that choosing the right school for your daughter is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent or caregiver.

We invite you to take some time to visit us and discover the great things that are happening here in girls only education.

See how our beautiful grounds, extensive facilities and, most importantly, our exceptionally dedicated and passionate staff will engage your daughter so that she can maximise every opportunity to become a woman of strength, optimism and justice.

Vision and Values

Our Vision: Women of strength, optimism and justice, contributing to an equitable world for all.

Seymour inspires within each student a passion for lifelong learning, a celebration of community, and a quest for personal excellence.

We value:

  • Excellence - we strive to provide opportunities for all students to attain personal excellence.
  • Respect - we respect the humanity and rights of others, our Christian heritage and College traditions, and our local and global environments.
  • Innovation - as we live in a dynamic environment, we encourage initiative and creativity, divergent and lateral thinking, independence and flexibility.

Clans and Scottish heritage

The College crest is made up of the cross of St Andrew, the thistle and the words "Crescam Ministrando" (the College motto). Since 1927 the Black Watch tartan has been used in the College following permission being granted by the Commander in Chief of the Black Watch Scottish Regiment.

From their establishment in 1927, the Clans have been an important part of the College and its Scottish tradition.

The four Clans are Bruce, Douglas Stewart and Cameron (Wallace, 1927-29). Each year, the Principal appoints a Chief and two Chieftains to lead the Clan, following elections by members of the Clan.

Clan Bruce was named after Robert Bruce and the Clan Birthday is celebrated on the anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

Clan Cameron was, until 1929 called Clan Wallace. The Clan Birthday is celebrated on the anniversary of the Battle of Preston which was fought between the followers of Donald Campbell and the forces of King George II in 1745.

Clan Douglas was named after Sir James Douglas. The clan birthday is celebrated on the anniversary of when the Castle Dangerous was surrendered to Sir James Douglas in 1306.

Clan Stewart celebrates its birthday on the anniversary of the day in 1745, when Prince Charles Edward raised the standard for the Stewarts of Glenfinnan in an attempt to regain the crown for the family.

In 1945 the traditional banners were first presented to the senior Clans on their birthdays. They are still carried at the front of the Clans on ceremonial occasions and on Sports Day.

Our Future

It is with great pleasure that Seymour College presents our Strategic Plan 2017-2022.

Seymour College will continue to provide excellent learning and wellbeing experiences for girls in the 21st century. Our centenary in 2022 is an opportunity for further development on the global stage and for celebrating 100 years of success in developing women of strength, optimism and justice.

To view the Strategic Plan, please click below.
SEY Strategic Plan v3

One of our commitments to the future is to deliver infrastructure for 21st century learning. The first step towards this future has been achieved through the building of the Yurrebilla Centre for Learning and Innovation. The video below provides more information about the centre. 

The next stage, the refurbishment of Abbie Wing has begun and will be ready for occupancy in late Term 2, 2019. This is an exciting project for our Senior School girls. Building works to upgrade learning areas in the Junior School and to provide a new Canteen for Barr Smith students have also commenced.



Academic Results

Seymour College has an outstanding commitment to learning across an array of academic and co-curricular subjects, and this is quite apparent in the remarkable achievements of our girls.

The College offers a vibrant learning environment and a commitment to student wellbeing. Our staff go ‘above and beyond’ to deliver the very best education experience imaginable. The breadth and diversity of our curriculum gives every student the opportunity to achieve in a program tailored to her strengths and interests.

Our academic results and other achievements are evidence that Seymour is a wonderful place to learn, to flourish and to gain the academic base from which life’s opportunities will flow.

Academic Excellence - Class of 2018

We are extremely proud of the academic performance of our 2018 Year 12 cohort and congratulate them on their dedication, commitment and perseverance in their studies.

Congratulations to the 2018 Dux of the College and Dux of the Boarding House, Kristen, who achieved an ATAR of 99.7 and to Sophie M, Proximae Accessit, with an ATAR of 99.5.

67% of our SACE cohort were placed in the top 20% of students in Australia, having gained an ATAR of 80+ and 34% gained an ATAR of 90+, putting them in the top 10% of students Australia-wide.

We congratulate 2018 Head Girl, Anjana, who has been awarded a Governor of South Australia Commendation – Excellence Award 2018. This prestigious SACE award, of which there are only 25 presented in SA, recognises Anjana’s excellence in her SACE studies and the SACE capabilities of literacy, numeracy, critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability and her ethical understanding.

Congratulations also to Darcy (Year 11) and Year 12, Zixin (Vika), who have been selected to participate in the 2019 SACE Art Show.

2018 saw our first cohort of International Baccalaureate (IB) students graduate. An alternative to SACE, the IB Diploma is a two-year programme incorporating academic studies across multiple disciplines providing the opportunity to be exposed to and develop life-long learning skills and attitudes. We are extremely proud of their results, achieving a median ATAR of 95.75. 56% of the IB subject grades were 6 or 7 (7 being the highest), and the median subject score was 6.

20 IB Diploma and SACE students achieved an ATAR of 95 or higher for which they will be presented a Freda Gibson Medal at the Class of 2018 Awards Ceremony, to be held on Friday 1 February.

In addition, a total of 28 Merits were gained in the following subjects:

SACE - Biology, Dance, English, Ensemble Performance, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Research Project B, Solo Performance and Specialist Mathematics.
IB - Film HL, Mathematics SL and Spanish ab initio.

The majority of Year 11 students also submitted their Research Projects this year, of which four achieved A+ Merits.

Seymour College proudly offers a comprehensive and balanced educational experience, nurturing every girl to unlock their individual potential. As a result, our students consistently achieve top academic results.

Thank you to all staff, parents and guardians for their ongoing commitment and dedication to supporting the girls in their quest to become women of strength, optimism and justice.

We look forward to following the endeavours of each of the girls in the Class of 2018 as they embark on the next, exciting stage of their lives.

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Service Learning

Our Service Program - which has a local, national, and global focus - has a “head, hands and heart” approach.

Students engage locally and nationally with issues affecting many of our society’s marginalised, including Indigenous Australians, the homeless, refugees, women, aged, sick, disabled, and other vulnerable communities. Our College’s global focus is India, and every year a group travels to India to connect with our partner communities there. Our Service Learning Program is embedded in the curriculum and aims to move students from charity to justice and advocacy. 

Our goal is to send out into the world a generation of young women who understand the role and power of advocacy, who are committed to making ethical and just decisions, and who have a desire to make a difference in our world.

Indigenous Focus

Seymour College seeks to respond to today's challenges of nationhood and national identity in a way that comprehends the past and the present, and gives hope for the future.

We acknowledge the strength, courage and survival of Indigenous peoples, their status as traditional custodians of the land, and recognise the impact of history relating to land, cultures, languages and families.

Education has a critical role in supporting Reconciliation and so we make a professional commitment:

  • To recognise our shared past, foster understanding, and work together for a shared future based on co-existence of rights in which all people are treated with respect and dignity.
  • To actively support and implement a range of principles that value human rights, and counter stereotyping, institutional and personal racism across all cultures and nationalities.
  • To support, encourage and promote educational opportunities that consult with and involve local Aboriginal communities, elders and traditional custodians.
  • To ensure that all learners in our care and at all stages of schooling undertake studies to celebrate, value and learn from and about Aboriginal peoples - including the diversity of histories, cultures, languages, achievements and issues, past and present.
  • To incorporate Aboriginal perspectives throughout the curriculum.
  • To promote the use of recommended resources: print, video/DVD, audio, CD, and online, as well as relevant locations and cultural instructors.
  • To support and promote an understanding of Indigenous Australian cultures within the general Australian community.
  • To work towards encouraging the enrolment of Indigenous students, valuing the individuality of each, acknowledging the diversity of their backgrounds and preferred learning styles and supporting them to achieve success.
  • To implement culturally appropriate strategies for Aboriginal learners to achieve equitable learning outcomes through literacy, numeracy and learning technologies.


Projects and Initiatives:

The Indigenous Focus Group was established in 2004 to promote interest in, and support the College's commitment to, Indigenous matters. Participation is open to students, staff and the wider community, and the group has involvement in various projects throughout the college. This includes celebrating significant events such as National Reconciliation Week and Harmony Day, and being involved in state-wide programmes such as Reconciliation SA’s Schools Congress.

Seymour College offers specific Indigenous Scholarships to support Indigenous enrolments and increase the diversity of our community.

In the role of Indigenous Student Coordinator, I am excited to offer the Indigenous students and families specific support and, as part of that, assist where I can to promote significant and relevant learning. I look forward to contributing to and experiencing the benefits of our ever-growing, diverse and culturally rich student population at Seymour College.  

Michele Richter
Indigenous Student Coordinator

Seymour College is a proud partner of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation in achieving proven outcomes in Indigenous education. For more information, head to www.aief.com.au


The Seymour College Board meets at least ten times a year to discuss strategic issues for the College and to monitor the implementation of the College Strategic Plan.

Additionally, the Board holds an annual retreat to undertake longer-term planning.

The current members of the Seymour College Board are:

Rosina Hislop 
BSc (Hons), FCA, FAICD - Chair of the Board; Member Risk and Compliance, Finance and Audit, Nominations and Governance Committees

Dr Vivienne Brand 
LLB (Hons), LLM, MEd, PhD – Chair Governance Committee

Brenton Cox 
LLM (Cantab), LLB (Hons), BCom (Acc), BFin, GDLP - Chair Risk and Compliance Committee; Member of the Foundation Board

Richard Dodsworth
B.Sc. (Computer Science)  Chair ICT Sub-Committee

Dr Rachel Swift
DPhil (Oxon) BSc. (Mol Biol), BSc (Hons), BA, GAICD

Stephen Symons
 BEng, MAS, FIEAust, MAICD, CPEng - Chair Property and Building Committee

Craige Whitton 
BBus (Acc), CPA, GAICD - Chair Finance and Audit Committee; Member of Risk and Compliance and Nominations Committees

2017 Annual Report

2016 Performance Report