Which device to choose

Apple offers special iPad and Mac pricing for parents of students attending Seymour College. This special pricing is available for purchases made at Apple Retail Stores, through the Seymour College Online Apple Store. Parents purchasing in-store or over the phone will just need to provide the school’s name. Parents purchasing at a Retail Store or online also have access to financing options. Go to the Online Store.

Seymour College provides a Datacom hosted computer purchase portal for both Apple and HP (Windows) devices:


Access Key: Seymour
Password: Seymour

The device will be delivered to the college and parents will be notified when the setup is complete. 

The Seymour College technology plan expects students to bring their own Apple Mac or Windows 10 device. While most students at the college use Apple MacBooks, we also provide the following guide for families that may already have a suitable device meeting the following minimum specifications:

  • 128GB SSD internal storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • 8 hr battery duration (chargers cannot be brought to school)
  • At least 1 USB port
  • 802.11 AC wifi
  • VGA or HDMI display port
  • Running Windows 10 or Apple OSX 10.11 operating systems
  • 12” - 14” screen

We don’t recommend 15” screens as the added weight and size makes the device difficult to handle. We expect devices to be under warranty at all times and recommend additional insurance to cover incidents of accidental damage not covered by the manufacturer’s hardware warranty.

The college will install additional network management and security applications on all student devices and all software required by the student is included and licenced for the life of the student’s enrolment at the college.