Technology Plan

At Seymour College, we are committed to preparing our students for participation and leadership in an increasingly complex digital world and, as part of that, supporting the development of their skills of digital citizenship.

There is no doubt that 21st century learning is increasingly complex, global and networked, and our challenge as educators is to prepare students, using innovative solutions that provide personalised learning, wherever possible.

With this in mind, the one-to-one initiative at Seymour College is designed to enable students to seamlessly engage with an information-rich world.

Choosing your own device

Seymour College expects new students purchase the recommended and supported Windows device from the College portal. Orders for the recommended device are made through a Datacom hosted computer purchase portal:

Access Key: Seymour
Password: Seymour

Orders can be placed between Monday 16 October 2017 and Sunday 5 November 2017.

The device will be available for collection in the week before schools starts and during the first week of Term 1.

From 2018, Year 6 students will use a HP Spectre X360 device to ensure a full range of features is available to all students to maximise their learning. This approach will roll out across the Middle School over the next four years.

Although students in other year levels can choose a Windows or Apple device, the College recommends that families consider very carefully the full range of functionality which best supports their daughter’s learning. The College has decided that the HP Spectre X360 will be the device provided to staff, as well as required for all Year 6 students from 2018.  The HP Spectre X360 will be the only device available through the College portal.

The college will install additional network management and security applications. All software required by the student is included and licenced for the life of the student’s enrolment at the college.

Apple offers special pricing for parents of students attending Seymour College. This offer is available for purchases made at Apple Retail Stores when they mention their enrolment at Seymour College.

iPads for Years 3-5

Students in Years 3 - 5 will use an iPad for anywhere, anytime access, to support personalised learning, foster learning autonomy, assist research and organisation, and enhance online collaboration and home-to-school connectedness.

The iPad has the capacity to converge technologies to achieve a variety of services such as text books and printed materials, note-taking, word processing, calculator, voice recording, and a camera. Further, the 'App Store' provides students and teachers literally hundreds of thousands of Apps that facilitate teaching and learning.

Compact in size and lightweight, the iPad is highly portable and has a battery life of 10 hours to ensure a full school day of learning.

Laptops for Years 6 - 12

Year 6 – 12 students and teachers will use a personal laptop to access the College’s online learning tools. Access to internet, intranet/portal, software and hardware is required by all. These students, working at a more independent level than the younger students, will have individual anywhere, any-time access to their own personal device.

Through our one-to-one laptop program, students are given the benefit of College-provided software, including the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Creative Suite, email and multimedia tools.